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March 14, 2013 / kevinbrandes

Deep-Sea Fishing Tips and Techniques

An experienced deep-sea fisherman, Kevin Brandes has fished the coasts of North and Central America, including Canada, Costa Rica, and Mexico. Kevin Brandes shares some basic deep sea fishing tips and techniques.

Deep-sea fishing is popular among anglers who enjoy the thrill and challenge of catching and pulling in large game fish in the open sea. The sport is done from a boat in water at least 30 feet deep.

Deep-sea anglers use many techniques to enhance the odds of catching big game fish. One is to fish near reefs, which are home to food for large fish. Common fishing techniques include trolling a baited line through the water and chumming, or throwing bait overboard to attract fish. The type of bait used depends on the area and its fish species. Knowing fish species can improve the odds of catching desirable types of fish.

When deep-sea fishing, be aware of your surroundings and practice smart boat safety. Novice anglers should deep-sea fish for the first time with someone who has done it before and who is familiar with the area.


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