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April 12, 2013 / kevinbrandes

Kevin Brandes: Recreational Fishing for Mahi-Mahi

An experienced fisherman, Kevin Brandes has fished off the coast of Florida, the Baja Peninsula, Costa Rica, and elsewhere. He counts mahi-mahi among his favorite fish to eat.

Mahi-Mahi: Courtesy of the Wikimedia Commons

Mahi-Mahi: Courtesy of the Wikimedia Commons

Mahi-mahi is a ray-finned fish also known as common dolphinfish or dorado. It is characterized by a slim, compressed body and dorsal fins that span nearly the full length of its body. In appearance, mahi-mahi display brilliant colors such as gold, green, and blue. They spawn almost year-round in warm ocean currents. Although they grow quickly and live up to five years, they rarely weigh more than 40 pounds. On average, catches weigh 15 to 29 pounds.

Mahi-mahi provide excellent sport for fishing because of their large population, size, and beauty. They also make an exceptional meal and are regularly featured at top restaurants. Found in numerous locales around the globe, mahi-mahi are regularly fished in the Caribbean Sea, Southeast Asia, the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic coast of Florida, and Hawaii. Recreational fishing for mahi-mahi requires at least 30-pound gear, bait, and teasers. Once caught, the fish provide a thrilling display of fast, acrobatic movements and are distinctly beautiful when they are pulled out of the water.


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