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July 24, 2015 / kevinbrandes

Key Tips for Getting the Most from an Alaska Cruise

Kevin Brandes enjoys traveling in his free time. One of Kevin Brandes’ favorite types of trips is the cruise, especially in Alaska and Canada.

Alaska cruises provide individuals with incomparable views of towering glaciers, whales, orcas, and miles of untouched mountain ranges. To get the best price on a cruise, travelers should consider booking up to a year in advance and looking for deals through companies such as Costco.

Individuals should also generally avoid booking excursions directly through the cruise line since they can typically find better deals with private companies operating in port towns. Some of the most popular excursions include kayaks, helicopters, floatplanes, and zip lines.

Alaska cruise ships generally give people direct views of sea lions, whales, and orcas, and some people are lucky enough to spot a bear along the shore. People can often catch glimpses of bears and bald eagles by taking excursions outside of port cities. If travelers really want to see wildlife, they should consider a small boat excursion or a wildlife-focused inland excursion.

Even though most cruises happen in the summer, the ship can get quite chilly so travelers should pack for fall and winter for the most part. Hats, gloves, and raincoats are essential.


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