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September 4, 2015 / kevinbrandes

Successfully Landing a Large Fish

Kevin Brandes is a deep sea fisher who enjoys fishing for such species as marlin, rooster fish, and sail fish. Frequently visiting the Gulf of Mexico and coast of Florida for fishing excursions, Kevin Brandes enjoys the sport for the thrill it provides and the effort required to successfully pull in a game fish.

While reeling in small fish is pretty simple, larger fish, including game fish, often require more effort and strategy. Without proper technique, fishers can lose their catch, and they may never get another chance. The key to landing a large fish is keeping the line tight to prevent the fish from freeing itself from the hook. However, too much pressure on the line isn’t good either because it may cause the line to snap. Keep the line tension consistent by pointing the rod’s tip up into the air and using a smooth motion to reel in the fish.

Once a large fish is caught on the hook, it will attempt to swim away. While it may seem better to prevent the fish from running, holding it in place will actually increase the likelihood that the line with snap. Allowing the fish to swim away while still attached to the line tires it out and makes landing it much easier. Reeling the fish in can be a long process, especially if you catch a strong game fish. Working slowly by lifting the rod’s tip and slowly dropping it down while reeling in the line is the most successful technique.


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