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September 22, 2015 / kevinbrandes

Staying Safe on the Slopes

Kevin Brandes, a lifelong skier, enjoys downhill and big mountain skiing when he has the chance. Typically skiing at an expert level, Kevin Brandes has tackled several black diamond runs over the years at various locations around the United States.

Staying safe on the slopes is an important part of having an enjoyable skiing experience. Be aware of your personal limits and stick with runs that fall within your skiing ability when on the mountain. While skiing beyond your ability level can help you improve, doing too much too fast increases your risk of injury.

Similarly, not following the rules of the mountain often results in injury. Every mountain is different and may have off-limits areas or closed areas. Mountain staff close these areas for good reasons. If you do not heed the signs, you may find yourself at a higher risk of colliding with other skiers or coming face-to-face with a cliff.

Before setting off on a run, check your bindings and make sure they are properly adjusted and secured. Even if a shop technician helped you put on all your equipment, re-checking the bindings yourself adds another level of safety. Also, look uphill before you start on your way to avoid collisions. Snowboarders often descend a slope along different lines than skiers and may not see you in time to stop; likewise, you cannot always rely on fellow skiers to pay attention. In addition to looking uphill, practicing basic skiing etiquette, such as giving the right of way to the skier below you and not stopping in the middle of a trail, also limit your risk of injury.


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