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September 29, 2015 / kevinbrandes

Preparing for a Successful Motorcycle Excursion

Kevin Brandes, a motorcycle enthusiast, owns and rides a Harley-Davidson. He is a frequent attendee at motorcycle shows and events across Florida, specifically in Daytona. Kevin Brandes also enjoys completing motorcycle excursions and some of his favorite routes are through the Smoky Mountains and Kentucky.

A long trip on a motorcycle epitomizes the carefree spontaneity often associated with motorcycling, but in reality, successfully completing a long excursion requires a bit of planning. If you’ve never ridden your motorcycle for more than a few hours at once, a long trip may not be the best idea right away. Although many trips may require only four hours on the road at once, riding a motorcycle for that amount of time can be difficult if you aren’t used to it. By riding for longer times before starting a trip, you can also correct your riding position. Although position is not often thought about for short motorcycles rides through the city, it is very important that you maintain a comfortable and proper position during longer rides.

Packing can also be a struggle due to the limited storage space on most motorcycles, so it’s important to focus on packing only the bare necessities. Weather-appropriate gear is especially important because it is likely you will encounter several different types of weather during your trip. You can check the weather in the areas you are planning on going through to get a better idea, but that is not always a guarantee. Further, you will want to bring a few emergency and maintenance supplies in case something happens while on the road. Personal comforts such as lip balm and toiletries also make your trip more enjoyable. Lastly, you may want to consider getting a windshield and some ear plugs.


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