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October 7, 2015 / kevinbrandes

Fishing along the Baja Peninsula

An avid game fisher, Kevin Brandes enjoys the challenge that fishing for sailfish, marlin, and roosterfish provides. Kevin Brandes especially enjoys deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and along the Baja Peninsula.

An extremely popular area for recreational anglers, the Mexican state of Baja California hosts several fishing tournaments annually. The area has a wide range of sea life, but is particularly known among fishers for its snapper, sailfish, and striped marlin. Depending on the season, the types of fish found along the Baja Peninsula will vary. In general, the best fishing time is during the summer and fall months. However, some fish, including sierra, cabrilla, and yellowtail, are more prevalent during the winter. Even during general seasons, most fish have specific prime fishing times during different months and many fishers plan trips around those details.

Fishing the Baja Peninsula also requires a bit of planning beyond figuring out when to go. The Mexican government restricts fishing in the area, and recreational anglers may only fish within 50 nautical miles of shore, while also following species and size restrictions. No one can take more than five fish of a species or more than 10 total fish daily. Fish can be caught and released as many times as desired, but they must be in good physical shape when returned. Sharks and rays must also be returned unharmed. Offshore fishing by boat typically requires a license, which can be bought in increments of a week, month, or year from most fishing supply stores.


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